A new approach to business information from Dasilex Technical Limited

Filling the Information Needs Gap

IT, scientific and quality information systems from Dasilex Technical Limited in Derbyshire, East Midlands

How we fit in

At Dasilex, we approach information problems from a user perspective.

We combine the skills needed to offer a wide range of information technology and computing solutions with a background in running a successful business.

We offer a variety of consultancy and information services backed by practical experience and a first hand understanding of business needs.


Information Systems for Businesses

Struggling with your current system? Have you expanded beyond its capabilities?

We can work with you to define your needs, then design, build, install and maintain a system which addresses those needs, whether that's for a business information system, a customer relationship management solution or just improving and modernising your existing system.

Website Development

We can help develop website technology to make a real impact on your business, from straightforward website design through to highly interactive systems enabling a wide range of different types of interaction with customers and staff.

Software Consultancy

Commercial packages can fail to take into account the way you work, forcing you to adopt someone else's model. We can help you address your specific needs by providing you with a custom made system to fit with the way your business operates.

Because business continuity and data integrity are key to your business, we will devise a programme to enable you to migrate seamlessly and smoothly to a new system.

Scientific, Technical and Quality Consultancy

We can offer:

  • Advice and assistance with a wide range of quality related issues in the chemical, textile and general manufacturing industries.
  • Advice on a variety of subjects relating to chemical products and chemical processing of materials, especially textiles.