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Business Information Systems

A well-designed information system reduces overhead and increases productivity

Business information system success: happy business information systems users

Our services include:

  • Needs analysis to enable us to design your business information system
  • Database design and installation
  • User interface development
  • User training
  • System support

Cut your costs by installing integrated business information systems

Businesses often start managing their information using various mixtures of paper systems, spreadsheets and perhaps a small database, for example. Such systems are simple to set up but labour intensive to operate. As a company grows the costs of using these simple systems becomes very significant. By moving to an integrated business information system an organisation can save money and become more efficient.

Considerable efficiency gains can be made when the business information system meets the needs of the company. Standard industry specific software packages suffice in some cases but not always. Our expertise can provide you with a system tailored to your needs.

The real cost of developing business information systems in house

Not all companies can afford a dedicated computer specialist, so the job may be given to a member of staff who could be doing other tasks. Then they may not monitor the cost of man-hours spent dealing with information systems issues in-house. Worse still, the lack of an expert means it takes longer to resolve problems. Such hidden costs can be a serious drain on business resources and in a difficult trading environment could make the difference between business success and failure. We can help to release valuable staff time for your business.

The cost benefit of a well-designed business information system

A good business information system will help your business to prosper by enabling you and your staff to focus on the key tasks in delivering a high quality customer service, leaving the systems to manage the background data management.

Our focus on your needs

We work with you to identify your business information system needs. Next, we design the system you need and give your staff a user-friendly interface. We then provide continuing help and support, so your system can keep pace with your changing needs

Don't lose the data you already hold in existing information systems

We can safely migrate your historical data into a new system to ensure continuity of service to your customer.

Reduce overall software costs for your business information systems

Software can be a major expense, especially for a growing business, and keeping track of licences can prove a major headache. Fortunately there are now excellent low cost alternatives using open source software, even in a Windows environment. At Dasilex Technical we are happy to advise on the use of open source software, where appropriate, in order to avoid unnecessary licence fees.

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