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Customer Relationship Management

Improve your customer relationships by using your IT system more effectively

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Our services include:

  • Analysis of existing data systems
  • Help with developing your CRM strategy
  • Integrating CRM with your existing systems
  • System planning
  • System construction
  • User training

Why a CRM system is vital for the success of your business

As a business grows and the number of customers increases, staff will find it harder to keep track of detail. If they have to fall back on looking up information on various separate systems, the response to customer calls will suffer.

A customer relationship management system can:

  • Tell you if a customer has had an issue or has overdue invoices
  • Highlight customer buying patterns or preferences so your staff can suggest additional products to buy
  • Keep your sales team up to date with customer developments so they can handle the account more effectively
  • Maintain a contact log so staff absences don't hinder good service
  • Enable your staff to monitor order progress and respond rapidly to enquiries or manage any problems as soon as they arise

-all of which will help grow your business.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

CRM is the process a business uses to organise, track and control its contacts with its current and prospective customers. The aim is to provide the customer with the optimum experience when dealing with a company. CRM is not just a software solution but also involves development of a strategy to find out your customers' needs, preferences and behaviours, so that you can improve the service to your customer. Customer satisfaction means customer retention, which is essential in a competitive market.

How can CRM be used?

Customer relationship management can take many forms. The system may solely be aimed at managing sales effort directed at existing and potential customers, or it may be a highly interactive online system to create a rich customer experience. A successful CRM solution needs to be flexible and capable of growing over time to allow for the differing needs of individual businesses. A well-designed system will help a business identify those customers who generate the most profitability so that customer care can be focused on them, and it can also help to pinpoint where problems are arising so that they can be dealt with quickly.

Integrating CRM in a Business Information System

Businesses often have various databases which will contain much of the information needed to create a CRM system. It is therefore valuable if CRM can be integrated with these existing systems.

How Dasilex can help

Because we can offer a combination of business expertise and IT know-how, we can advise on how to develop a system to suit your business needs and your budget. We are not tied to any one software solution provider and are, therefore, able to select the most cost effective approach.

Why not contact us today for a free consultation on your CRM needs?