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Perhaps our experience in innovation can be of help to you?

We can help you:

  • By working with you to highlight new product opportunities,
  • By helping you evaluate your existing product range and identifying gaps,
  • By helping you find specialist research partners,
  • By advising on the assessment of progress in research, development or product scale-up programmes,
  • By helping evaluate the novelty and market value of a new product development or product idea.

Research and development methodology

Technical business development

We have experience in managing and directing research and development of chemical and mechanical treatment systems and speciality chemical product development up to and including managing director level. This has resulted over the years in some 30 patents and patent applications followed by significant business development in a worldwide market, which means we are in a unique position to advise on R&D issues.

We also have experience of collaborative research programmes, with both industrial and academic partners in the UK and Europe, and can advise on the benefits and pitfalls of this approach.

Since our experience comes from both practical research and also research management we can offer a very rounded appreciation of issues. In addition we are able to offer help both with actual R&D problems and those relating to the management of this important activity.

We can offer advice on:

  • Ideas evaluation and selection for research
  • Critical assessment of R&D progress
  • Assessment of marketability and viability of new products
  • Cost effectiveness of research
  • Chemical product formulation programmes
  • Chemical treatment of fibres, textiles and other materials
  • Scale-up issues and process evaluation

We have experience in:

  • Surfactant and surface active polymer development
  • Product formulation for a variety of industries: textile dyeing and finishing, cleaning products, oilfield chemicals, leather and paper treatment chemicals
  • Treatment machinery development
  • Water soluble polymer synthesis and production
  • Batch chemical manufacture
  • Patenting of new products and licensing technology
  • New product marketing and market development