Customised software from Dasilex Technical Limited

Growing and Profitable Businesses Need Software Systems

Well designed software solutions can make you more effective in business.

Customised software from Dasilex Technical serving Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire,  East Midlands
  • The key to 'starting right' lies in careful analysis of the business needs and selecting the best software tools
  • The key to 'getting it right' lies in constant liaison with the end user to test the workability of the system as it develops.
  • The key to 'keeping it right' lies in good documentation and support.

Dasilex Technical has the experience to take you successfully through the process.


'Customised software is only for the big businesses…isn't it?'
'We can get by using spreadsheets…'
'Someone wrote this ages ago, it still works…but nobody understands it, so we're better leaving it alone'

These are not uncommon views on software. In fact, businesses save lots of money when they use the systems that properly suit their needs, and the cost is soon recovered. In contrast, the hidden cost of struggling with unsuitable solutions can be an unseen drain on business performance.

Today, such a variety of software tools are available that customised solutions are possible for almost any size of business. The skill lies in picking the right combination of programming language and software packages to create a cost effective working solution.

What is no longer necessary is to write all the programming from scratch, so you, the customer, benefit.

In-house solutions may work, but are they efficient or do they slow your business down? The answer may lie in a customised solution, perhaps based on existing software packages connected by custom designed code.

Dasilex can offer a complete solutions package. Because we use the interactive Agile Development method you stay in control of costs and progress.

What we won't do is try to sell you expensive off the shelf software if that isn't what you need, because we understand the cash flow constraints under which smaller businesses have to operate. Much can be achieved using open source systems today, which are cheaper and can be as effective or even better for your purposes.