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Interactivity in Websites...communicating and working over the web

Interactive websites can link your staff and your customers

Web design and internet services from Dasilex Technical Limited in Derbyshire, East Midlands


Do you have a website and want to incorporate some interactive features? We can:

  • Offer you a free initial consultation to explore possibilities.
  • Examine your existing data systems and suggest how these can be used to create an interactive site.
  • Plan and implement a solution, including hosting if needed.

Static websites to inform or advertise are very common in business, but the internet can be used much more creatively than this. Dasilex Technical can advise and assist you in identifying how you can use your internet presence more effectively, and then develop a suitable cost effective system for you.

How we can help your business

Interactivity on a website can enable you to:

  • Collect reports or time sheets from remote workers such as field service engineers and area salespeople which can be immediately incorporated into your system, processed and viewed remotely
  • Extend your customer relationship management information to local salespeople
  • Enable your customers to locate local sales agents, representatives, franchisees etc.
  • Let your customers input information to obtain quotations or request service or advice
  • Work with your staff and customers in new and imaginative ways

Dasilex Technical offers a full service for the design and construction of variable content sites for a wide variety of end uses. Why not ask for a free initial consultation?

Online Document Management

In any business where the creation, editing, transfer and storage of documents are a regular part of operations, an interactive website can be a powerful tool for improving productivity. Documents can be stored, indexed, retrieved, edited and distributed in real time, even where staff are not all on a common computer network, without cluttering up email inboxes.

Dasilex Technical can provide a full service in designing and implementing a system to suit your needs.

Transparent Workflow

We can develop integrated software systems with interactive websites to create a total information solution for your business. Such systems can speed up and simplify data acquisition and processing, and provide you with a monitoring system to bring complete transparency and full interactivity to your business process.