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Website and Internet System Development

Are you getting the most out of the internet for your business?

Web design and internet services from Dasilex Technical Limited in Derbyshire, East Midlands
  • Do you have a website? If not we can get you started.
  • Have you had a website for a while but don't see any benefit? We can help you analyse how to connect with your customer base more effectively.
  • We take a simple, common sense business approach and will work with you to get your web presence established.
  • Need a site health check? We can examine your site code and advise on any problems.

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Whatever your needs Dasilex can help

These days businesses are constantly being urged to 'get online' for growth.

This is all very well, but you're not sure how a website may help your business…

…and what's important.

  • A well-designed site is an obvious first step, but how then do you get up the Google rankings?
  • If someone finds your site what will it do for them?
  • How can you interact with new and existing customers and which are more important to you?
  • What do the visitors to your site expect to find?

We can give you the answers

We offer a comprehensive set of website consultancy services to help with site construction, performance improvement, search engine marketing, content management and copy creation.

Getting more out of a website

Static websites can of course advertise your business and tell visitors what you do and what you sell, but an online presence does not have to be limited to that. At Dasilex Technical we have experience in using websites to interact extensively with customers and staff across the world in real time. Interactive websites can really improve the way businesses operate.

There are a multitude of possible systems which can be developed, for example:

  • An internet-based job request management and tracking system which gives your customers an overview of the job progress
  • Online submission and storage for documents, reports or photographs (which can at the same time be resized to your needs).
  • Shared diary systems for service engineers

It may not be obvious how your business can benefit from an extended web presence on the internet. In our experience the way forwards is to combine an understanding of your business needs with a comprehensive vision of what can be achieved. We can work with you to do that.